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Is Your Etsy Shop a Hobby or a Business: Be Honest!

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So, you're reading this because I'm assuming you have an Etsy shop or you're really considering opening one! One of the first questions you need to ask yourself... like right now, is... do you want this to be a hobby or a business?
You need to have your answer ready because I'm about to break out a truth bomb!
You will not succeed unless you start, right from the beginning, treating your Etsy shop like a business- and not a hobby! Think about it... how much money do you make off of your hobbies alone? 
Having an Etsy shop is lots of hard work, dedication + commitment & lots of learning. Trust me, it isn't easy but I can promise you that if you start with the mindset of your shop being a business rather than a hobby, you're off to an amazing start already!
I've had my Etsy shop since 2013... in 2016, I started treating my "hobby" like a business & watched my sales GROW! Etsy is a handmade venue for crafty people, like us... but, that doesn't mean it needs to be called a "hobby". I was able to quit my full-time marketing job AND home school my kids all because I did one thing... I changed my mindset. 
My Etsy Business Training is opening NEXT month! WOOHOO! But, I wanted to start talking with some of y'all about some business tips that I feel every Etsy shop owner should know & this is my #1 tip!
Having a business mentality rather than a hobby mentality IS a lot of work! You have to be up to date on marketing, SEO, algorithms, branding, photography, networking... the list goes on & on. It might sound overwhelming but that's what my training opening next month will be focusing on.
I WANT you to succeed on Etsy. And, I have the tools + guidance to get you there. But first, I need you to do one thing... starting today... program in your mind that your Etsy shop is a business not a hobby & you're already off to an amazing start. 
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