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Spring is HERE! Where has 2019 Gone?!

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Hey y'all! I am SO happy to be back + working full-time again on our website. For anyone who sells online, you know JUST how overwhelming + time consuming that can be. With Etsy constantly raising their fees + so many changes, along with sales declining on that platform for us, it is super important to get our own website going good + consistent. Like I've said before, "Don't put all of your eggs into Etsy's basket!"
I cannot believe it is the end of April already! 2019 has been a crazy ride already. My husband + I bought our first home! YAY! It was an extremely long + drawn out process that wore us both out emotionally but we are now officially homeowners for a whole month! It's so crazy to think that we own a little part of the world right here in eastern NC. 
I'm also homeschooling my kiddos again. Our house isn't in the best school district. I'm determined to make it work even better this time! For those of y'all who don't know... both of my kids are in 4th grade (Irish twins) + this is our second go round at homeschooling. 
Our daughter, Haylee, is in competitive cheer and her team got a bid to Summit to compete at the ESPN Center in Disney- we travel there in less than 2 weeks + we are all sooo excited! 
Other than that, I think all is the same around here in the Nickels' household + Haylee's Boutique headquarters! I have so many exciting things in store for our shop- lots of new items coming from some amazing vendors! But, don't worry- I am still going to keep a lot of my handmade items like my tutu outfits + badge reels. The badge reels are my absolute FAVE + I have a ton of new ideas for new styles! 
I'm going to be blogging about all the things from Etsy + small business ownership to birthday planning to all of our DIY projects we have going on around our house! I want y'all to get to know me better, the face behind the scenes here.
Stay tuned y'all! Happy Spring! 

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